JaVale McGee Reveals Reason For His Breakthrough Play

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their preseason opening game, but they showed the world that they can do magic. JaVale McGee had great contribution to the team, and he revealed his secret for his great success.

JaVale McGee played 20 minutes, and finished the game with a team-high 17 points and seven rebounds. McGee shot 8-of-10 from the field and had a great block.

If you ask McGee about his secret weapon, he will say that he led the Lakers in scoring only because his teammates are brilliant passers.

”It’s amazing. I just go out there and feel like I’m at a buffet in Vegas. They’re willing to pass and I’m willing to go to the rim and dunk that thing. We have very unselfish teammates so as long as I’m running to the right spots on the floor they will find me,” he said.

The players found him easily because he scored on lobs at the very rim. This is McGee’s tip game, and he was really focused on improving it. All workouts and his vegan diet helped him a lot. ”I’ve modeled my game for that. I work out. I’m a vegan because of that, I like to stay skinny. I like to sprint, I like to run up and down the floor. That’s what I model my game after just being able to get up and down the floor and catch lobs and stay light,” he said.

Lakers coach Luke Walton said that McGee’s play against the Denver Nuggets shows his abilities.

“With his size, and length, and feel for the game, whenever he’s in and rolling to the rim, he puts pressure on that rim. You get playmakers and passers like we have, they’re looking for him when he gets down there,” the head coach said.
Keep up the good job, McGee!

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