Tom Brady Reveals What Makes Julian Edelman Unique

Julian Edelman can finally relax as his four-game suspension is over. The Patriots receiver was suspended for breaking the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. It was brought to an end on Sunday midnight, and

Edelman was spotted at Gillette Stadium something past 7 a.m. Yes, he was ready to do his job, and the Patriots are happy to have him in the team again.

The New England Patriots faced too many problems with the receiver unit. They released some of them, and many suffered an injury. Edelman is back in the team, and Brady is excited to play with him again.

Tom Brady threw four interceptions in the first four games of the season. he led a struggling passing offense in the season, and the team is 22nd in the league with 220.2 passing yards per game. Edelman will definitely give the Patriots a hand in leaving the difficulties in the past.

“I really have no doubt where he’s going to be at, what he’s capable of. He’s been a great player for our team. I think everyone’s excited to have him back,” Brady said.

“He gets open so quick. I think that’s the thing about Jules — his explosiveness in his routes, coming out of breaks. It’s very comforting to see a receiver get open really early in a route. Julian — we ask a lot of him and he plays a lot of different roles. I think he’s capable of moving in and out of a lot of different locations and specialty plays. So there’s a lot that he does well,” the quarterback added.

Edelman is expected to bring individual yardage to the team’s offense and draw more defensive attention. This could be of great help for the other receivers on the team in terms of creating more space.

Good luck, Julian Edelman!

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