Watch: Tom Brady Swears A Lot In Uncensored Patriots Locker Room Video

The Patriots nation is well aware of the word “Patriots porn.” If you have not heard of it, just check up this nice locker room video. It says it all.

Tom Brady was really excited after the big win over the Kansas City Chiefs, and we all know why. Brady proved his haters wrong, and was able to take his team to Super Bowl LIII. His excitement got him pretty far, and everything was caught on this locker room video. It is uncensored of course.

It was a thrilling win, and Brady’s attitude is even more thrilling. He just had a NSFW moment on live TV. Can you believe that? Well, he won the AFC Championship game, and that sure means a lot. There were so many F-bombs thrown in the air.

Raw locker room video floats to surface

The New England Patriots have the best locker room celebration in the league. They know how to celebrate their success, and also admit their mistakes. That’s what makes them such an excellent team. In this particular celebration, we have Tom Brady embracing his fellow Patriots and saying all the things he said. On camera. We also spotted this moment between TB12 and receiver Julian Edelman, and Patriots fans will go crazy.

You do not always get to see Brady in such a great mood, and these raw moments are the best you can see on the Internet these days. Things are getting really hot in Foxboro despite the freezing temperatures, and there is a volcano ready to erupt in Atlanta.

The New England Patriots earned a ticket for the Super Bowl, and Brady and Co will sure try to get the best of it. It was a great game, and we are looking towards an even greater excitement and celebration. Good luck, guys.

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