11 Questions About King James And The Lakers’ Likely Search For A New Coach

LeBron James is the type of player who can get a coach fired. Could he get Luke Walton fired? The Los Angeles Lakers are having one of their worst seasons, and they are set to miss the playoffs. The Lakers head coach is the first to be blamed for the bad calculations, but fans also blame Magic Johnson for his irresponsible signing of several players. Is Walton leaving the team?

We can’t really say that LeBron was involved in Paul Silas’ firing by the Cleveland Cavaliers in LeBron’s second season in the league. The Cavaliers hired Mike Brown that summer, and fired him five years later, right before LeBron decided to leave the Cavs in free agency. Should we blame LeBron for Brown’s firing? Of course not.

Some reports suggest that LeBron tried to replace Erik Spoelstra and bring Pat Riley to the floor again. This didn’t happen, and Spo is still coaching the Miami Heat. Cleveland made their coaching chance before LeBron announced his grand return in 2014, so we can’t really say that he was involved in the changes.

When it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers, fans believe that LeBron and Walton aren’t on the same page. Will the Lakers get a coach just for LeBron?

We believe that the coaching change will happen before the draft.

Walton likes LeBron and appreciates his efforts on the floor.

“We’re a much better team when he’s on the floor,” Walton said. “So I’m looking forward to him getting back out there again.

“He’s one of the all-time great players in our league. He understands time and score and everything else. So, he’s earned that right to take the shots he feels comfortable with. As opposed to some younger guys, you draw things up and tell them what to look for and tell them where to go at what time. He’s earned the right to feel that out and take the shots he feels like are going to be good for him.”

1. How forcefully will everyone involved — from Jeannie Buss to Magic Johnson to James himself — insist that James has nothing to do with it, even though we all know that’s Grade-A baloney?

2. How much will James be involved? 

3. Given the weird timing of what comes next, what’s the priority here? 

4. Oh wow, Mark Jackson is definitely getting a look, isn’t he? 

5. How much of a draw, if any, is the opportunity to coach an aging James and potentially another superstar in Los Angeles with super-high expectations? 

6. Is James going to push a James crony on the front office? 

7. Is Magic going to push a Magic crony to the front of the line? 

8. Is Buss going to insist on keeping it in the Laker family and push Brian ShawByron Scott, the dreaded Fisher, current Lakers assistant Mark Madsen, or TY LUE as contenders?

9. How will Kobe Bryant insert himself in this conversation?

10. Given all of the above, is it worth keeping Walton and figuring it out? 

11. Is this going to be as entertaining as we think it will be? 

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