Deion Sanders Explains Why Losing Bye Was ‘Best Thing To Ever Happen’ To New England

The New England Patriots lost the regular-season finale to the Miami Dolphins and lost their hold of a first-round bye. Although players could have used some time off, they will have to play on Wild Card Weekend for the first time in ten years. Let’s not forget that the team has never has won a Super Bowl in a season it played three prior postseason games. However, the team played really well lately, and the offense stepped up the game. According to Deion Sanders, this is great.

Sanders is convinced that the defending champions can benefit from having to play this game.

“They don’t need a bye. Offensively, they’ve had a bye all year,” Sanders said Sunday on NFL Network’s “NFL GameDay Prime.” “The receivers have had a bye the whole training camp and everything. They don’t need a bye. They need to stay in it and work on their game and work on getting back to the Super Bowl, where they rightfully belong. This is not a team that deserves, nor needs a week off. This is the best thing to ever happen to them. It really is.”

Would you agree with Sanders on this one? Several key players deal with nagging injuries. They all needed this time off. Quarterback Tom Brady could have used this week off. The Patriots lost their bye, and now will have to go on the road for the divisional round should they beat the Tennessee Titans. How will the players finish the season?

New England has Super Bowl aspirations, and they will surely do their best to win the big game. Although some say the Prime Time may be a little too confident in their aspirations, there are at least two scenarios that come to our mind.

Brady and his teammates are used to winning games, and they won’t give up without a good game. They won’t give up without a good fight, and yes, we have seen them fighting. It will be fun to watch the team win another Super Bowl. This will be their seventh in the Brady-Belichick era. Game on, Pats!

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