LeBron James Provides Update On How Quarantine Is Going

The NBA decided to suspend the 2019-2020 season after the coronavirus outbreak. This happened right after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus. His teammate, Donovan Mitchell got the virus, too. Many blamed Gobert for being careless and touching his teammates and their belongings. Kevin Durant and a few other players tested positive, too. The situation is rather serious. That’s why everyone is under quarantine. What are players up to these days? LeBron James seems to be enjoying his quarantine. Sort of.

Self-isolation is of utmost importance at the moment. Staying away from other people can save your life. It can save many other lives, too. Yes, you may get easily bored at home. But, this measure will help you avoid the virus that has taken the lives of 8,000 people. It’s a rather serious situation. Although the elderly have the highest risk of death, COVID-19 can be fatal for people of every age group. Hospitals don’t have enough equipment to take care of every patient. If the number of infected patients increases, someone will have to stay home without receiving proper treatment. That’s what makes the situation so serious.

LeBron is Tom Hanks in quarantine

LeBron is well aware of the danger brought by the virus, and he is staying home. He shared a video to deliver a message for his fans. He shared another video of Savannah. His gorgeous queen cut her hair at home. Quarantine, remember?

Four Brooklyn Nets players tested positive for the virus. The Lakers played the Nets before the season was suspended. Lakers players are tested for exposure to the virus. They may be forced to stay home a little longer than expected.

Although this virus locked people home, there are so many things LeBron couldn’t get done these days. Yes, he got plenty of time to hang out with his wife and three kids. They do their dance sessions and have all the time in this world to watch movies or prepare their favorite food. But, it’s hard to stay at home and look like “Tom Hanks in Cast Away.” That’s how LeBron feels at the moment.