Stephen A. Smith Makes Bold Claim About LeBron’s Championship Path With Lakers

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers sit on top of the Western Conference. The team was about to make the NBA Finals for the first time since Kobe Bryant’s retirement. But, COVID-19 happened, and the NBA suspended the regular season. The outbreak affected every sports in the country, and players stayed home with the families. LeBron doesn’t like all the rest he’s been getting lately. He likes to play basketball and win games. LeBron was so close to winning a title with the Lakers this time. During a recent First Take episode, Stephen A. Smith made a shocking claim about King James and his career.

Smith is convinced that this season is the last chance for LeBron to win a championship with his current team. Why did he say this? According to him, the Clippers and other NBA teams will become better in the next few months. LeBron’s players will have plenty of time to learn how to win.

“If LeBron and [the Lakers] lose this year … I don’t think LeBron will ever win a title in LA,” Smith said.

LeBron wants to win a championship with the Lakers

There’s a huge chance that the Lakers don’t win the championship this season because the season may not be completed. Even if the regular season is canceled, the league may pick the winner. We don’t know how will the NBA solve this issue. If they go with the win-loss record then Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks are winning this one.

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Yeah! I said it:

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Before the suspension, LeBron and his team won the games against Milwaukee and the Clippers. Analysts have reported that LeBron has turned an upper gear after the All-Star Weekend. Many say that he was actually getting ready for the playoffs.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel and his staff currently work on the playoff opponents as if the season was not to resume. He believes that the teams will go straight into the playoffs. Vogel is confident about his team, adding that they will be ready to go whenever the NBA gives a green light.

LA owns a 49-14 record and runs 5.5 games ahead of the Clippers. Milwaukee is 53-12 at the moment.