Damien Harris Reveals The Message He Received From Patriots Teammates As A Rookie

Damien Harris had to do a lot of changes in his performance, and his college football is a lot different from the football he played in the New England Patriots.

Harris was a focal point in the University of Alabama offense. He had three straight seasons of 1,000-plus yards from scrimmage and 24 scores in that period. Harris’ role as a Patriots rookie was nothing like that. He saw action in just two games and carried the ball four times for 12 ayrds. New England struggled on the offense and offensive players were plagued with injuries in 2019. However, the running back unit remained intact.

What do rookies do when they don’t see much playing time? They learn. This is a common thing among Patriots rookies. They learn a lot from their teammates and coaches. Harris followed every instruction he was given, and he is grateful for that.

“The biggest thing for me last year was learning as much as I could,” Harris told Patriots.com writer Paul Perillo. “Everybody’s path is different. I focused on learning as much as I could and learning from the older guys in the room. There’s a lot of experience in that room. Any opportunity to improve physically or mentally that was my mindset all year.”

Damien Harris learned a lot from his Patriots teammates

Patriots players delivered a really important message, and Harris took every bit of it.

“They all played their part in helping me learn and develop,” Harris said. “The message from all of them is the same: Be ready because you never know when your time will come and you don’t want to miss it. Stay the course, keep learning and be available.”

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