LeBron James Makes His Pick On Baseball GOAT Debate

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are part of the GOAT debate. The release of The Last Dance added fuel to the raging fire, and NBA fans started talking about their idol. Who played better? Is LeBron better than MJ? Well, this is not the only GOAT debate King James has taken part in.

When it comes to baseball, LeBron has made his pick. The Lakers superstar used one simple word to describe Ken Griffey Jr. Well, he used one emoji. The GOAT emoji.

MLB Network will air a special on the former Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Red star on Sunday evening. King James is more than excited about it.

“He makes the game of baseball cool,” LeBron said of the baseball legend.

The documentary on Griffey Jr. will air at 8 p.m. E.T. on Sunday night, and will be televised on MLB Network.

“Titled “Junior,” the show will be narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown and will include interviews with former Mariners manager Lou Piniella and numerous former teammates, as well as thoughts on what made Griffey such an iconic figure from LeBron James, Reggie Jackson, Bo Jackson, Gary Payton and others.

Griffey will discuss his rise to stardom from his time growing up in Cincinnati, with insight from his brother Craig and his high school coach at Moeller High, and how he blossomed with the Mariners as a teenage phenom through interviews with former teammates Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, Joey Cora, Dan Wilson and Harold Reynolds.”

LeBron is the GOAT in basketball

LeBron and his Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready for the season resumption, and they have a good chance to win a title. Let’s see how will the NBA handle the criticism from players who don’t want to play in July. LeBron would love to have his season back, but Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving and many others would rather sit out and focus on the protest against racial injustice and police brutality. LeBron believes that he will have enough time to focus on both topics. The NBA can be a perfect platform to raise awareness and LeBron plans to use it wisely.