Watch: LeBron James Hairline Transformation From 2001 to 2020

The only problem Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has in his life is a receding hairline. The king of basketball has been struggling with this issue in the past decade. Going bald was never an option for him, despite the fact that many NBA guys adviced him to do so. Shaq did it, and he didn’t mind any of it.

A lot of people have discussed “the state of the follicle union atop” the king’s head. LeBron’s hair has disappeared pretty fast. He seems to be ignoring this, and the only thing he did was wearing a headband. Nice and easy. LeBron’s headbands slip another centimeter every year and we all noticed it.

Doubters interpret this as a sign of aging. But, LeBron plays better than ever. He is in his 17th NBA season and analysts agree that he is in his primetime. King James may be 34, but age has nothing on him and he is definitely not giving up on his success.

The three-time NBA champion keeps surprising everyone with his hairline tricks. In 2014, Ben Golliver from Sports Illustrated took a photo of LeBron and it looked as if his hair has grown back. Did he use head paint? Did he receive an advanced hair treatment? Some even said that he was actually shaking fake hair into his hairline. We don’t think this was the case.

Will LeBron James have further problems with his hairline?

The receding hairline is the last thing LeBron has on his mind at the moment. He is busy preparing for the season resumption. The NBA will restart in Orlando, Florida, and LeBron will be leading his Lakers to a title. The franchise hasn’t won a title in many years, and LeBron is here to change that. He needs his fourth title, and hopefully, Anthony Davis and the rest of the team will help him achieve that.

LeBron used his free time to raise general awareness and he was really active in the fight against racial injustice and police brutality. We really hope that people will hear his voice and follow his example. LeBron is doing something for this world, and you?