Lakers Issue Important Update on Rajon Rondo’s Availability

The Los Angeles Lakers have released an important update ahead of the 2020 playoffs. Most agree that the Lakers will go far in the playoffs this year. But as we saw in during the regular season in the bubble, they still have a very, very long way to go. It looks like the road to a title might be even more difficult than we thought previously.

Even after breaking his thumb before the season started, Lakers veteran guard Rajon Rondo is finally ready to come back to the team before the playoffs begin. They are not completely sure if he will be available to play. But even with him on the bench, most people believe that he

Luckily he’s here now, hopefully we can see him out of quarantine because we need his mind and his IQ,” Lakers guard. “His input is going to be huge for us whether he’s playing or not to help us advance to the next step.”

But they have some good things to go one as well. Dion Waiters is one of those people.

“I always pick his brain, ask him questions, and we’ve been texting back and forth. He’s been texting me, telling me what he sees on the floor, what I can do better,” Waiters said. “He’s so smart and his IQ is very high, so when I get a chance to be with a guy like that, I’m constantly asking questions and just trying to get better.”

Lakers Issue Important Update on Rajon Rondo’s Availability

“We’ll get him on the court and see where he’s at, but no specific timetable yet on him,” Vogel said.

Also on the Lakers minds is Kobe Bryant, who obviously unexpectedly passed away. LeBron talked about this previously.

“I want to continue along with my teammates, to continue his legacy, not only for this year, but for as long as we can play the game of basketball that we love because that’s what Kobe Bryant would want.”

The Lakers are looking to go pretty far in the Playoffs this year and most would agree that they want to see them make it to the title.