Colin Cowherd Predicts Next Patriots Quarterback

The New England Patriots need a quarterback. Simple as that. They had Cam Newton in 2020, but the veteran didn’t have enough weapons to work with. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had a different approach to the running quarterback, and he made a few mistakes. Well, let’s just say they both made a mistake. Some fans blame it on Newton, while others criticize McDaniels. Truth is, neither of these two is guilty. Newton had a really short time to adjust to Bill Belichick’s system. He had to compete with another veteran and young Jarrett Stidham for the No.1 quarterback spot. Some say he will return. Others believe Belichick is up to another player.

FOX Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd puts it right. He explained the case of “QB Dominoes,” and his prediction makes sense. One thing stands for sure. We can’t stick to one particular prediction. Things will change over and over again.

Patriots to get a talented quarterback

Cowherd believes that Deshaun Watson’s landing with the San Francisco 49ers would push Jimmy Garoppolo closer to his former team. Belichick loves the idea of reuniting with his former signal-caller.

As mentioned before, things changed recently. Cowher said that the Carolina Panthers would gladly sign Watson. The Houston Texans have quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, running back Christian McCaffrey and a few first-round draft picks.

Cowherd offered his step-by-step summary of the blockbuster deal. It’s a game-changer for many teams. The analyst has Marcus Mariota signing with the Patriots. Mariota has been the subject of many trade rumors. Derek Carr is a starting quarterback with the Las Vegas Raiders.

“Not a big cap hit. Played in the AFC. He knows the conference. He’s an experienced kid,” Cowherd said on FS1 of Mariota potentially joining Bill Belichick in Foxboro. “And the reality is, I think after one year with Cam (Newton), it makes sense — an athletic quarterback who’s a fairly accurate thrower.

“I believe the offensive line — I think you’re gonna see a better version of what they were last year on offense. The defense we know is getting better because guys opt back in. But I can see them going and getting Marcus Mariota.”

Does this makes sense to you?