Tom Brady Name-Drops Bill Belichick In Eyebrow-Raising Julian Edelman Retirement Comment

Julian Edelman shocked the world with his retirement. The New England Patriots lost the veteran wideout in the offseason. He is not the only veteran New England lost in the last few weeks. Tom Brady left the team to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rob Gronkowski retired and unretired to sign with Brady’s Buccaneers. Will Edelman follow the same pattern?

There’s another shocker. NFL fans can’t stop talking about Edelman’s retirement and his next move. Some suggest he will come back to play more. Oh, we really love these conspiracy theories.

Brady has the perfect conspiracy theory. He dropped it Thursday night.

Julian Edelman may come out of his retirement

Did Edelman retire just because he was too afraid to tell head coach Bill Belichick he wanted to sign with the Buccaneers?

In an NFL Network Zoom call with Brady, Edelman Kevin Hart, Deion Sanders, and a few others, TB12 dropped his theory. Of course, they couldn’t avoid Edelman’s retirement. It’s the hottest topic these days.

The Bucs quarterback chimed in with his shocking comment.

“We know Julian didn’t retire,” Brady said. “Let’s be honest, he’s just too scared to tell Bill (Belichick) he wants to come to Tampa.”

“I’ve been there,” the quarterback added.

This reminds us of Gronk’s experience. The tight end was retired for a year and then came out of his retirement to become a Buccaneer. Gronkowski won a Super Bowl with Brady and his first season in Tampa Bay was really successful. Gronk got the best of his great experience and helped the team win a championship.

Will Edelman do the same? Maybe Brady was joking. Maybe not. He has a few great plans for his future. Playing football doesn’t seem like a good option at the moment. He is in pain and had to undergo surgery to fix his knee.

The wideout spent 12 long seasons with the Patriots and won three Super Bowls with the team. He is the best postseason player and every NFL fan knows it.