LeBron James Labels Andre Drummond With Hilarious New Nickname

LeBron James has a nickname for each and every teammate. Dennis Schroder became “Dennis The Menace.” A lot of players would definitely agree on this one. It was Andre Drummond’s turn and yes, LeBron surprised us all.

A lot of people call him “The Big Penguin.” LeBron didn’t stop here and came up with another nickname for Drummond.

“Drum Dog Millionaire.” Like it?

It’s a play on the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire. Fits well, right?

LeBron James has the best nickname for Andre Drummond

“Drum Dog Millionaire” is much better than “The Big Pengiuin.”

In his first playoff game with the Lakers, Drummond only scored 12 points. He was much better in Game 2 and finished the night with 15 points and 12 rebounds. LeBron likes the way Schroder and Drummond handle the current pressure.

“Dennis was in attack mode from the very beginning,” LeBron said after the game. “He lived in the paint, and when they sagged off, he hit shots from the perimeter, as well from the 3 and from the mid-range. But he just stayed in attack mode.

“And I thought Big Dre was amazing in the minutes he had, both in the offensive rebounding from the beginning of the game, to find his way offensively from dump downs. He got the ball in the post a couple times, made some great moves. He was just very decisive with his play tonight. …

“But we needed that effort out of both of them.”

Drummond is a key player for the Lakers, but he is not a consistent impact player. He hasn’t spent a lot of time with LeBron and Davis. He has yet to develop chemistry with both superstars. Drummond will have to work really hard to fit in perfectly.

“For me, it was just finding my role and finding my niche for this team, and it’s to be the aggressor, be the bodyguard for those two guys, for LeBron and AD, and just making sure that all the dirty work is getting done,” Drummond said after Game 2.

Let’s see what happens in Game 3. LA players will try to win it and finish the series.