Patriots Draft Pick Mac Jones Had Fitting Nickname At Alabama

The New England Patriots got a really great quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft. Mac Jones was one of the best prospects in the draft and his college nickname says it all.

Head coach Bill Belichick had a few great reasons to get him. He signed a player who is all business when he gets between the white lines.

Mac Jones has a fitting nickname

Offensive coordinator Steven Sarkisian talked to NBC Sports Boston’s Phil Perry and shared his thoughts on Jones. According to him, the Patriots rookie can have quite the edge on the football field. Do you know that he was nicknamed “McEnroe” at Alabama? He was called after tennis legend John McEnroe.

The 2020 Heisman Trophy finalist channeled his temper on his performance early in his collegiate years. He developed in Tuscaloosa and shifted this energy into a leadership mold.

“The thing I liked about Mac is the temper more came out when he made a mistake,” Sarkisian told Perry. “It was almost like he was getting mad at himself, but out loud. Most people (say it in their own head), he was yelling, ‘Dang it, Mac’ out loud. As he grew and as his mistakes started to lessen and he started to play at a higher level, that demand started to spread to his teammates and the expectation he had for them — were they in the right protection, or were we at the right depth on the route, were we in the right split or in the right personnel grouping?

“I think that is where the respect came from his teammates. They knew how much work he put in to get himself to that point, and he wanted to make sure those around him were at the same level he was at.”

Sarkisian said Jones is an “amazing teammate.” He commanded a “great deal of respect” from others at the Crimson Tide.  These traits are part of the reasons had to say that Jones has all the talent he needs to start games in the regular season.