Stephen Curry’s Chilling Reaction to Warriors Facing LeBron James, Lakers in Play-in Game

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry really likes LeBron James and he may get to meet the Los Angeles Lakers in the play-in tournament. Yes, LeBron is not really a fan of the tournament.

NBA analysts have been talking about the play-in tournament for a long time, and teams are getting ready for the final stretch of the regular season. Pretty much everyone is excited about the game between LA and the Golden State. LeBron and Curry had a lot of great time in the All-Star game, but this time they will have to go against one another.

Curry is coming off a 49-point game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Reporters asked him about the potential game against LA, and his answer was pretty hilarious. Oh, Curry sure knows how to drop these.

Is Curry afraid of LeBron James and the Lakers?

The Warriors veteran has the best interviews. This time it was even more hilarious. He gets to play against LeBron and his team. That’s scary. The tension is growing and we can feel it. The idea of seeing these two facing off gave us goosebumps.

LeBron and his teammates lost too many games in the regular season. He missed 20 games due to a high-ankle strain and the same injury forced him to miss even more time. Anthony Davis didn’t play for a few months and LA slipped to the fifth seed. Both superstars returned to game action but LA kept losing games. In other words, they will probably fall into the play-in tournament.

The Lakers struggled with injuries this season. They are a game and a half back of the Portland Trail Blazers for the sixth seed.

LeBron would love to avoid Curry in the play-in tournament. The same goes for the Warriors veteran.

If the Golden State can hold serve over the Memphis Grizzlies, NBA fans will get the chance to watch a winner-takes-all game. Curry has to go against the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers have the home-court advantage and a deeper side. Let’s see how will this match go.