Watch: LeBron James Confronts Announcer For Claiming Bronny Gets Calls Because of Him

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is really proud of his son Bronny and he is doing his best to protect his baby. The four-time NBA champion jumped into his full-on dad mode to support his oldest son. He has been doing this ever since Bronny entered the game.

King James is a regular fixture at his son’s high school basketball games. He even brings Drake and other friends to watch his son in action. Bronny sure uses this as a motivation. Well, the king of basketball likes his son to be treated just like every other kid. Talented kid.

LeBron James supports his son Bronny

Bronny played his recent games in St. Vincent-St. Mary High school’s gymnasium, also known as the LeBron James arena. The young king may not be the best prospect in the group and he may not be as dominant as his dad. However, Bronny knows how to put up a show and his skills are amazing. He has caught the attention of numerous NBA scouts. We also know that he has received some cool offers. Well, Bronny has so much to offer and LeBron is well aware of his talent. NBA analysts discussed Bronny’s highlight reels and yes, he receives nothing but words of praise.

This success came with scrutiny. In the closing minutes of a close game, Bronny drew a foul and ended up on the free throw line. The in-arena announcer said Bronny was getting the whistle just because he is the son of great LeBron James. Bronny played in the arena named after his father and the announcer made a terrible mistake.

What did LeBron do? He confronted the man and had a nice exchange of words with him. Everyone watched him.

LeBron has seen this before. He knows how Bronny feels. The kid tries to build his reputation in the world of basketball.

The greatest basketball of all time has a chance to play with his son and we are looking forward to their great work on the basketball floor. They can do wonders together.