Frank Vogel Reveals Anthony Davis New ‘Imposing’ Transformation

The Los Angeles Lakers will enter the new season with the Big 3. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook will join forces to win the championship in 2021-22. Yes, these veterans can do this and much more. Players aren’t wasting their time and the best has yet to come. LA may have the oldest roster in the NBA but players won’t go home without a ring. Russ hasn’t won a ring despite his awesome career. What about AD? We heard a lot of people talking about his transformation.

Davis is determined to win and this major change says everything you need to know about the team.

He put a lot of work this off-season into his body, a lot of work,” head coach Frank Vogel said. “We had a moment maybe two weeks ago, where he had been training at home and we had a lot of conversations about concerns we have with our team … And (AD) comes in for a workout, the first time we’ve seen him for a while, and his body looked imposing. And we all just looked at each other like, ‘We’re going to be really good this year. Just looking at that guy right there, we’re going to be really good this year.’”

Anthony Davis warns doubters with his transformation

AD missed a lot of time last season. He suffered an injury mid-February and missed a few weeks. The Lakers lost a lot of games and AD won’t go through the same again. He is taking a really good care for his body and he looks much better this time. A lot of fans noticed the change in his physique. AD worked really hard to get here.

The Lakers need AD on the basketball court. He needs to stay healthy and strong to support the team in its quest for a title.

Several analysts thought the Lakers should trade Davis, but Rob Pelinka had different plans for him. AD signed a good deal with the team and he won’t go anywhere in the next few years. He is a winner and so is LeBron.