Patriots Coach Drops Harsh Words On Damien Harris After Fumble… ‘Journey Was Over’

Damien Harris shocked everyone with his fumble in the season opener. The New England Patriots played against the Miami Dolphins but they didn’t win the game. It was a 16-17 loss for head coach Bill Belichick.

The Dolphins used every mistake the Patriots made to finish the game with a win. Harris’ fumble made things easier for them. The Patriots defense was good, but it wasn’t enough. Yes, even coach Belichick used this phrase to describe the performance of his team. “Not enough.” They didn’t try enough to win the game and missed all the opportunities to win the night.

In the media presser, Patriots running back coach Ivan Fears made some comments about Harris and his “mistake.”

“No. 1, in that situation, you’ve got to understand the situation. The journey was over. We didn’t need much more. He wasn’t fighting for a first down. The second it was over, protect the ball with both arms and get what you can get and let’s go down. The journey’s over. We got what we needed there. See what I’m saying? Let’s eat some clock and play the game. That was the thing to hit on with that one. I didn’t get a chance to — we were moving the ball, he was on the field. I didn’t get a chance to give him any help on that.”

Damien Harris to fix that fumble

Here’s the catch. Fears said that Harris will be able to overcome this.

“I feel confident Damien is going to step up to the plate on this. I really do. We have not had a problem with him, so I think we’ll be alright. I really do.”

Harris made a huge mistake, but his night was great. The talented player pulled out some crazy stats. Unfortunately, this fumble sealed the deal for him. The Patriots let the ball slip down their hands and it was a W for Miami.

Let’s cheer up all the Patriots fans out there. Don’t worry, Harris will have a chance to fix the damage in the final game of the season. Will he be able to do the right thing? Let’s see what happens next. The Patriots have to beat the Jets first.