Tom Brady Tells 1 NFL Quarterback “You’re Next”

Tom Brady has been around for a really long time, and he can sure predict the next best superstar. The former New England Patriots quarterback announced his retirement. His lengthy Instagram post triggered an avalanche of reactions. Fans, players, coaches, and friends congratulated Brady on his long career. He played the game for 22 years. Pretty much everyone knows that Brady is the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen.

Lamar Jackson sure knows it. He delivered a message of respect for Brady, and the GOAT took notice of it. His reaction?

“You’re next,” Brady wrote and shared a photo of him and Jackson shaking hands. Will the 25-year-old follow his footsteps? He sure has a good performance on the field.

Tom Brady said Lamar Jackson was next for a reason

The Baltimore Ravens star has to try extra hard to match Brady’s dominance. He has a long way to go before getting seven rings. Brady has seven rings, remember? He won six with the Patriots and added another one during his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jackson keeps saying that Brady is the GOAT.

“Tom Brady [is] definitely the one at the top,” Jackson said in 2019. “Definitely, definitely.”

Jackson and Brady played against one another just once. They met in 2019 but it was more than enough for Jackson to make up his mind.

Brady is a real inspiration for every young star out there. His incredible career will inspire every fan and player out there. Young players like Jackson look up to him.

TB12 left the Patriots to sing with the Buccaneers and his departure shocked the entire world. Many thought that Brady would retire as a Patriots quarterback. It didn’t happen. In his retirement announcement, Brady thanked each and every person in his career. He didn’t mention the Patriots though. He didn’t mention Bill Belichick either. Let’s just say Patriots fans were disappointed. Brady had his own reasons to make these comments. He knows what he is talking about. He did thank everyone and this includes the Patriots. We wouldn’t turn this into a mess. Right?