Tom Brady Shares Heart-Warming Words For His Former Teammate Nate Solder

Nate Solder surprised everyone with his decision to join the New York Giants. Quarterback Tom Brady was hit really hard.

The quarterback went on WEEI’s “Kirk & Callahan” during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. He talked about his former teammate Nate Solder. Let’s not forget that they played together for seven seasons.

“The Giants got a great player in him. He’s really flourishing, and I know he’s going to have just a great career there, just like he had a great career for us. I’m happy for him and his family and all the success he experiences professionally, and it couldn’t happen to a better guy. He’s just an incredible person,” Brady said about Solder.

The quarterback misses having the left tackle protect his blind side. New England was pretty stable at left tackle, and Matt Light was there from 2001 to 2011 before Solder took the position in 2012.

Trent Brown is wearing Solder’s old No 77, and will be the Patriots left tackle this season.

“I’ve been lucky. I’ve played with a lot of guys, and I think that particular position, there’s a deep connection. I think center there’s a deep connection and left tackle, and having Nate there for as long as I did — someone I could always count on, rely depend on — he was so consistent day to day,” Brady said.

Solder joined the Giants, wide receiver Danny Amendola inked a contract with the Miami Dolphins, running back Dion Lewis and cornerback Malcolm Butler landed in Tennessee. Should we add more?

Brady has been playing in the league for 18 seasons, so he’s been used to watch teammates leave and arrive. But, losing Solder was a different thing.

“Naturally, I think (other teams) like players that have played for the Patriots. I mean, we’ve had success, and I think people want to emulate that, and they’re willing to try to get guys that have played for our team. It’s not like it’s a shock anymore (when teammates leave). I think when I was younger, I was pretty naive to the business side of the NFL and couldn’t understand why guys would switch teams, because you come from a high school system or you come from a college environment into a professional environment, and it’s just different. It was definitely more emotional when I was younger,” Brady said.

Well, Brady will have to find a way to work with the rest of the guys.

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