Rival NBA Coach Drops Strong Take on Lakers Darvin Ham

The Los Angeles Lakers interviewed a few head coaching candidates before hiring Darvin Ham. He showed better results than other candidates, obviously, and Rob Pelinka believes that Ham will find a solution to every problem in LA. Ham has a strong reputation in the NBA world.

Several sources reported that Lakers senior adviser Kurt Rambis criticized Vogel in front of players and team personnel. The Lakers are coming off of a terrible season and Vogel was the first to leave the franchise. One NBA head coach believes that Ham won’t receive the same treatment.

“That’s not going to fly with Darvin,” the coach told Heavy. “That’s why I’m saying that if he sticks to his principles, guys like Rambis aren’t going to be a factor. And now that’s pretty public, and they’ve actually made a statement already that that wasn’t going to be the case. What he did to Frank was ridiculous.”

The coach also praised Ham for his personality and everything he has accomplished so far. According to him, Ham is a grounded person, someone who has “a lot of old school in him.” Ham knows the game really well because he was a professional basketball player for eight years.

“I think Darvin will do it his way, his own way. He’s an interesting guy. Wasn’t really actively looking for a head job for a long time. He enjoyed what he was doing — and this was even before he got to Milwaukee and was part of them winning. He told me, ‘I like my job. I like working with guys. If I never get a head coaching job, it’ll be fine. I’ve been blessed.’”

Lakers expect great things from Darvin Ham

The Lakers are dealing with a terrible situation right now. However, NBA coaches are really supportive of his new role in LA.

“You have to work around LeBron obviously, but I think he’s going to be pretty direct with those guys,” he said. “And I don’t know whether Rasheed Wallace is a good or bad hire (as an assistant coach), but he’s pretty much a straight shooter, too. Darvin has a good feel for that, so I’ve got to trust him with that hire. I have to believe that’s going to work.”