Bill Belichick Regrets This Quip About How Long He Wants To Coach

Head coach Bill Belichick is the best coach in league history. The New England Patriots won a lot of games during his time with the team. The Kraft family wanted him to coach his team, and here he is, flashing six impressive rings. Some analysts had doubts about Belichick’s role with the Patriots, mostly because his initial coaching experience wasn’t that great. They were all wrong. Belichick built a dynasty and he is now rebuilding the team. He selected Mac Jones and also brought some new guys to set up a foundation for the future.

Belichick has entered his 48th regular season as coach. He’s been a head coach for 28 years and he’s been the Patriots head coach for 22 seasons. Impressive, huh? Fun fact? Belichick doesn’t even think of retiring at this point. It’s interesting to note that he didn’t even see himself coaching into his 70s. Oh, 70-year-old Belichick can do wonders on the football field. He even regrets making some Mark Levy comments years ago.

“I wish I hadn’t said that,” Belichick told The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy in an interview. “I was probably thinking of what I would feel like. Now, there’s what I actually feel like, and those are two different things. That was not one of my better statements.”

Bill Belichick cements himself as the best NFL coach

Things took a really good turn for the Patriots head coach. Belichick had the right motivation and here he is, hoping for another brilliant campaign.

Belichick is not chasing stats and titles. He is not chasing records, too. Don Shula has more wins than him, but Belichick doesn’t even think of his retirement.

“I’ve learned my lesson on that one,” he said. “One year at a time.”

Belichick may coach for a few more seasons. He is doing a good job and yes, he wouldn’t retire before building the best roster for the Patriots. He loves the game and enjoys every bit of it. That’s the only thing that matters. Let’s see how he handles the upcoming season.