Tom Brady And Gisele Are Enjoying Their Vacation At The Beach In Costa Rica (PHOTOS)

Tom Brady is not just the ultimate football player. He’s an awesome dad and a loving husband. What’s the best way to celebrate your huge success? Just go to the beach. Yes, that’s exactly what Tom Brady did.

Going to the beach was part of Brady’s activities for the weekend. The Brady-Bundchen clan decided to have some quality time, and letting sun melt on your skin is such a nice idea, right?

The family was caught having fun in Costa Rica. The famous couple and their kids had enough time to relax and tan. The weather was nice, and so were the photos of their vacation.

Gisele looks better than ever. The Brazilian supermodel mom is enjoying the time of her life, except for the fact that she likes Tom retired. But, the New England Patriots quarterback doesn’t even think of going home.





Tom and Gisele have been together for nine years. They have two kids together, and Gisele also accepted his son with Bridget Moynahan. Although Moynahan announced her pregnancy at the beginning of Tom’s romance with Gisele, their relationship remained intact. That’s what true love is all about.

You’ve seen all the photos of Brady and his gorgeous wife kissing and hugging each other. It’s more than obvious that they’re madly in love.

Tom is recharging his batteries a week until veterans report to the Pats training camp. He looks great, too. That’s the result of his hardcore training, muscle pliability routine and healthy diet. The TB12 Method is a serious thing, and the results are already here. Just check up on his body.

We believe that Tom will keep giving his best for the game. retirement is the last thing on his mind. It’s sad when great athletes have to retire. He’s in a good condition, and better use the most of it.

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