‘I think This Is A Direct Message To Rob Pelinka And The Lakers Front Office’: Kendrick Perkins On LeBron James’ Cryptic Post

The Los Angeles Lakers won just two games so far in the 2022-23 NBA season. Although fans have a reason to be worried, Lakers players are pretty confident about his potential. Anthony Davis believes that NBA teams still fear his teammates. The Lakers seem to have issues on the roster and LeBron James has issues, too. The four-time NBA champion delivered a cryptic message following the loss to the Denver Nuggets. According to Kendrick Perkins, LeBron took a shot at Rob Pelinka and the front office.

“How long will you be taken for granted… Keep going kid,” LeBron wrote on Instagram.

Was this really a shot at the Lakers? Did he warn the front office? The Lakers didn’t make any major moves in the offseason. They got a few players, but failed to address the biggest issues on the roster. Russell Westbrook was given a bench role and he is fine with it. NBA experts had different theories about his future in the league, but the Lakers decided to keep him on their roster.

Rob Pelinka trusts LeBron, the superstar may be looking for a change

LeBron and Anthony Davis are excellent players and many would agree that the Lakers are wasting their talent. Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson got the best player in the NBA and the team won just one title.

Is Perkins right? The former NBA player is convinced that LeBron warned the Lakers. One thing stands for sure. LeBron wants the Lakers to do something and trade for players who can actually help him win a championship.

Westbrook is still making headlines and analysts sure have something to say about his performance during games. Darvin Ham is happy with his performance and he may keep Westbrook on the bench for a while. It’s an important season for the purple and gold and the Lakers have to start winning games. Simple as that.

Davis has to address his own struggles, too. He fails to perform at a high level in the second part of the game and fans are worried. He didn’t even talk to the media following the loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.