Lakers’ LeBron James Reveals His First Choice For Team LeBron Brand

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James revealed a nice story related to his deal with Nike, and it has something to do with Team LeBron. The king has always made the best choices. This is actually a never-before-told story. In his recent appearance on “Road Trippin,” the four-time NBA champion shared the details.

The king revealed that he planned to start a “Team LeBron” with Nike. He wanted to form his own team, and this plan required a lot of work. LeBron was supposed to recruit other players to join the popular brand. As you may be guessing, that’s not an easy thing to be done.

LeBron James had great plans for his Team LeBron

What was the first name on LeBron’s list? The king would probably go after great basketball players. It’s more than obvious that he’d want the best. So, according to his story, LeBron wanted to make Luka Doncic the face of his team. Luka was the first player to catch LeBron’s eye. As  you may remember, he has always had words of praise for the talented player.

“I wanted to begin ‘Team LeBron’ and have Luka as my first signing with Nike,” The Lakers superstar said. “I don’t believe my guys at Nike were ready for that, and obviously they weren’t because he went to Jordan.”

Doncic inked a deal with Jordan Brand. The brand is linked to Nike, but it’s not linked to LeBron. It would have been really good to see Doncic as a big name on “Team LeBron.”

LeBron sort of compared Doncic to himself. What does this mean? He is super talented. LeBron follows his growth on the basketball court, and the Mavericks guard seems to be doing a good job.

Doncic was averaging 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 8.8 assists per game this past season. He hit the brilliant game in the playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers. This only proves his readiness to win games and go hard against his opponents.

LeBron had a good suggestion for Nike, and the company better pay attention to his ideas. The man knows his job and it shows.