Lakers Make Final Decision On Anthony Davis Future Amid Trade Rumors Speculation

The Los Angeles Lakers struggle to win games this season. Lakers fans have some concerns about the current situation and yes, some of them believe that Anthony Davis should start worrying about his future in LA.

There was huge speculation about Davis’ future with the team. He was linked to several teams, including the Chicago Bulls. Rob Pelinka didn’t trade him and it seems like Davis won’t leave the franchise in the near future.

Anthony Davis shouldn’t have any concerns about his future in LA

Chris Haynes from Bleacher Report wrote that the Lakers won’t trade Davis despite all the drama on social media.

“And while it’s been a talking point on social media, the Lakers are not considering trading Davis, according to sources,” Haynes reported. “For any dialogue of that nature to occur, Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul would have received calls from interested teams inquiring if his client would agree to an extension if they traded for him. Those conversations have not taken place, sources say.”

Davis may have a history of injuries but his stats are great. He is averaging 23.0 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game this season. He isn’t really happy with the record and didn’t want to talk to the media after the latest loss. Maybe Pelinka should consider adding new players to help Davis and LeBron James win.

Ongoing trade talks

What about Davis’ potential trade? Bill Simmons from The Ringer was among the first to discuss it. He reported that AD may be available on the trade market.

“There’s some buzz, just some buzzing that AD might be available,” Simmons said on his podcast. “That is a Plan B because the (Russell) Westbrook trade, or what they can get for Westbrook, whether you want to give future assets, maybe that doesn’t even make sense for the Lakers.”

Rumors suggest that Davis’ history of injuries will force him out of LA. Matt Moore from the Action Network reported that the franchise should get rid of Davis and reshape their roster.

“If we’re not going to duck things, this won’t happen but the clearest path to the Lakers course correcting is trading Anthony Davis,” Moore tweeted. “He’ll return a ton even with the injuries, reset the asset chest, and ultimately it would be a net positive given his unavailability. The idea of Anthony Davis is now several significant degrees beyond the reality.”