Proposed Trade Gives Lakers $149 Million Of Combined Talent

Russell Westbrook doesn’t make the hottest headlines these days, but the Los Angeles Lakers are still looking for ways to trade him. The Lakers contacted several teams in the offseason, hoping to get a good offer for Russ. It didn’t happen and Westbrook entered the 2022-23 season as a Laker. Head coach Darvin Ham gave him a bench role and Westbrook does a decent job every night. A proposed trade may send the Lakers veteran to another franchise right away.

Proposed trade links the Lakers to the Orlando Magic

Greg Swartz from Bleacher Report listed the Magic as potential trade partner for the Lakers. According to him, the Lakers have a chance to improve the roster and increase their chances to make the finals. Ham will get to work with great players and Russ will have a fresh start. Yes, Pelinka will have to add his 2027 first-round pick to the offer. The Lakers will get Garry Harris, Terrence Ross, and Jonathan Isaac.

 “Harris and Ross bring some much-needed shooting and wing play to a Lakers team that craves both. Isaac is nearing a return to the court following a two-plus-year absence due to knee injuries and was an elite defender the last time we saw him in an NBA game.

“This trade also lets the Lakers keep their 2029 first-round pick, with 2023-24 contracts for Harris and Isaac either partially or completely non-guaranteed should L.A. prioritize cap space instead.”

There may be one major problem though. Isaac struggles to stay healthy and may miss time. Getting Harris and Ross makes sense as these two could give the Lakers enough floor spacing and secondary making. It’s a good option for the purple and gold and Pelinka could take it into consideration.

Ham gets LeBron James back on the floor

Things may take a better turn for the Lakers after all. LeBron James is expected to join his teammates on November 25 and help them beat the San Antonio Spurs.

Patrick Beverley is out as the NBA “rewarded” him with a three-game suspension.

Anthony Davis is still healthy and his explosiveness has helped the Lakers win a few games in LeBron’s absence.

LA has a chance to improve the record. Let’s see what happens next.