‘Zero Chance’ Bill Belichick Wasn’t ‘Calling Out’ Assistants During Bye, Per Analyst

The New England Patriots look good on the field, but they don’t have the best record in the NFL. Head coach Bill Belichick is all-in when it comes to winning and he wants everyone to do their job, including their assistants.

Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson insists that Belichick criticized Matt Patricia heading into the bye week.

Patricia has a big role with the Patriots and many believe he could be the next head coach for the Patriots. A lot of people say he is Belichick’s favorite assistants. Well, it seems like Johnson has something else to say. The NFL analyst was part of the Patriots from 1995 to 2004. He watched Belichick do his job. According to him, Belichick issued a big warning for Patricia.

Coach B said the Indianapolis Colts linebacker Shaquille Leonard knew the Patriots offensive plays before they were called. He said the same about New York Jets linebacker CJ Mosley. Johnson says Belichick said this just because he wanted to teach his coaches a lesson. He referred to Patricia, Joe Judge, and other assistants on the offense.

The NFL world knows that Bill Belichick called out his assistants

Albert Breer agrees with Johnson. He knows that Belichick did this on purpose. The Patriots head coach wants his assistants to do a better job at the sideline.

“I ran this whole thing by a handful of people who used to work (in New England) over the last couple of days,” Breer said on the November 14 segment. “And what every one of them said was: There is zero — zero chance — that he did that without a reason. He’s not talking to the media, he’s talking through the media. So he’s talking to somebody. … The easy guess is Matt Patricia and Joe Judge.”

The Patriots faced a lot of obstacles early in the season. Mac Jones sustained an injury and several players had a hard time coping with the new offense. It’s a really challenging season for everyone, but Belichick has a plan. He always does.

Patriots players made some mistakes on the field, but there’s still time to repair the damage?