Kyle Kuzma Sticks It To Lakers With Brutal Take Amid Reunion Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to several players in the last few weeks and they may still have a chance to re-sign a former player. Kyle Kuzma may be looking forward to a Lakers reunion, but he has something to say about all the rumors linking him to the purple and gold.

“I think it just shows you the grass is not always greener,” Kuzma told Melissa Rohlin from Fox Sports said. “It’s definitely a good thing because at the end of the day, that means I’ve been playing well, and I have value in this league, that a team would want to trade for me. It’s a blessing.”

Kuzma struggled in his final year with the Lakers. He won a ring with the team, but his struggle was just too much. The Lakers traded him to the Washington Wizards and now he is averaging 18.4 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists in 95 games with the team.

Kyle Kuzma teased Lakers reunion rumors

The former Lakers player has to watch LeBron James and the rest of the guys on the Lakers roster struggle. It’s hard for him to watch them lose games.

“It’s hard to watch…Those are your brothers. Those are my brothers for life. I won a championship with them,” Kuzma said. “So, naturally, I always want to see them do good. Being healthy, that’s been an issue for them, [as well as] roster make-up for them, all this other stuff. I want to see them do well. Those are my guys.”

Kuzma sure knows how to make people talk. He appreciates California weather and the Twitter community exploded.

“Nothing like getting off the plane and that California breeze hit you,” Kuzma tweeted.

This has nothing to do with Kuzma’s desire to play in LA. A lot of fans accuse him of tampering and Kuzma offered an explanation. An obvious one.

The Lakers have time to fix the damage and solve their problem. Will they even do an effort to get Kuzma?