Lakers Veteran Guard Russell Westbrook Addresses Calling Out Coaches During Game

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Houston Rockets, but veteran guard Russell Westbrook got into a thing with coaches, including assistant Phil Handy. That’s what fans said. Well, Russ downplayed the whole situation.

“There was an interesting scene as the Lakers headed to the locker room at the end of the first half with the lead,” NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg said. “Everybody pretty optimistic, happy with things, and then it was Russell Westbrook telling his coaches that they have to be better, repeatedly.

“Directing towards the Lakers coaching staff, ‘Ya’ll gotta be better than that.’ Phil Handy and LeBron calming Russ down saying, ‘We all have to be better, Russ.’ That was Phil Handy’s words to Russ.”

Westbrook didn’t say much about this interaction, but he made one thing clear. He was just having a conversation. That’s all. Russ had a good game and finished the night with great numbers. However, he should’ve done better.

“Honestly, just a conversation,” Westbrook said. “I didn’t get into it with anybody. Obviously, people are going to perceive how they want to, but just voicing my opinion and that was it.”

Guard Russell Westbrook enjoys full support from Darvin Ham

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has nothing but support for Broddie. He supported his veteran and yes, we all know that Russ will always enjoy the support of his head coach. Westbrook was one of the very few players who attended Ham’s introductory press conference

“Down one, you’ve got one of our best playmakers to the rim, one of our best finishers at the rim, has the ball with Embiid standing in front of him. I’ll take that scenario every day of the week and twice on Sunday,” Ham said. “We just got to finish the play. That’s it. Make a harder, stronger move to the rim. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. And it just didn’t work out.”

The Lakers have a long way to go and they have to do better in the next few games. Let’s see what happens next time players hit the floor.