Anthony Davis Has Surprising Response To Lakers Trading Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers traded Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis has something to say about it. According to AD, Westbrook is “ready just to get back to being Russ.” What does that mean?

“I mean, I think like he said before, it’s a business,” Davis said. “I was kind of in that situation in New Orleans. Fans and the organization, everything. I just tried to talk to him. We had a conversation today. I’m not sharing what we talked about, but I feel like he’s in a good place mentally. It can weigh on someone when you feel like the world is on your shoulders. From a playing standpoint, from a media standpoint, the fans, everything. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen with him, get bought out or what or anything, but I think he’s in a good place and he’s ready just to get back to being Russ. Leaving everything behind that he had to deal with the past couple years, whether it was the fans or the media, whatever.”

Anthony Davis didn’t win games with Westbrook and the Lakers, but he likes him a lot

Westbrook had a hard first season in Los Angeles. He struggled and fans didn’t want him to be part of the team. Darvin Ham gave him a bench role and Westbrook embraced it. In his 130 games as a Laker, Russ averaged 17.4 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 7.2 assists. Russ is a good player, but he struggled as a Laker.

Davis likes Westbrook. He wants the world to know that his former teammate is a really good guy. They played together for quite some time. Westbrook struggled alongside LeBron James and AD, but there’s no bad blood between them.

“But I want people to know overall, Russ is a really good dude,” Davis said. “I’ve been knowing Russ since I got in the league. We had the same agency, same agent before and me and him got really close. So, outside of all the basketball stuff or what people say about him on the floor and everything, he’s a really good dude. So, the perception on him is he’s not and he’s this and that, but I think he’s gonna be fine.”