Draymond Green Shredded For Criticism Of Lakers Superstar LeBron James

Draymond Green knows how to make people talk and this time he fueled the fire with his criticism of LeBron James. Well, things didn’t go really easy for him and fans started off a big debate.

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves in the play-in tournament and will go against the Memphis Grizzlies in the series. LeBron played 45 minutes on the floor, delivering 30 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists.

Green ignored these numbers and said LeBron looked really tired.

“Bron made some very uncharacteristic passes,” Green said on The Draymond Green Show. “He looked gassed at times. I was very shocked at that. … We’ll see how that plays out. … Ultimately, you never gotta question whether LeBron is in shape or not, but he did look a little tired.”

When it comes to Green, he and LeBron are great friends. However, this criticism earned him a lot of enemies. Fans didn’t like his attitude and the internet explosed. LeBron is a dominant force and the biggest figure in the NBA. His teams didn’t get really lucky in the last few seasons, but it wasn’t his fault. His game is elite and we can all agree that he is the GOAT.

Green triggers analysts with his criticism of LeBron

Shannon Sharpe stands with LeBron and made things clear for everyone. Oh, Green will definitely learn his lesson.

“LeBron James is 38 years of age in Year 20,” Sharpe said on Thursday’s episode of “Undisputed.” “What do you think the likelihood [is] that Draymond Green — he just finished Year 11 — in nine years from now, he’ll be able to play 45 minutes in a game? Not in a church-league game, not in a YMCA game, not even in a pick-up game at Lifetime Fitness will Draymond Green be able to play 45 minutes in a game. … How many guys have ever been able to play 45 minutes in a game at 38 years of age?”

Skip Bayless was never a fan of LeBron and uses every opportunity to slam him. Well, even Bayless stepped in defense of the four-time NBA champion this time.

“It felt out-of-bounds to me because LeBron does not deserve that from Draymond, whether it’s right or wrong,” Bayless said. “What is Draymond thinking? There’s just some loyalty here that he is betraying to LeBron.”