Patriots Listed As Potential Landing Spot For Polarizing Quarterback

The New England Patriots have Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe at quarterback but may easily make a move and get a polarizing quarterback.

Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz from USA Today reported that the Patriots could select Kentucky QB Will Levis in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Levis has been making headlines for a really long time and yes, analysts view him as a potential Patriots QB.

“Don’t laugh. Levis went on a top-30 visit to the Patriots, and [head coach] Bill Belichick hardly seems dug in on Mac Jones,” Middlehurst-Schwartz wrote. “The starter’s seat wouldn’t immediately be in jeopardy, but taking Levis could put him on notice and give Belichick a more physically gifted alternative to Bailey Zappe if Jones falters under Bill O’Brien’s guidance.”

Patriots could use the polarizing quarterback

The Patriots traded down to No.17 in the first round and got Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzales. It’s a typical Bill Belichick behavior. The Patriots often trade down in order to get players who fit their prospects.

Belichick has Jones, but tried to shop the young quarterback early in the offseason. We have a feeling that the head coach will organize another quarterback competition this summer.

“There are ample other possibilities for New England at [pick] No. 46, though — and no guarantee Levis will still be available,” Middlehurst-Schwartz wrote. “The offensive line in particular looks due for more assistance. And even if Belichick is curious about a quarterback, he could be drawn to Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker instead.”

If Belichick makes a move to get a quarterback, he could get Hendon Hooker. His arrival in New England could change things for Jones. Patriots fans like his connection to Bill O’Brien, but he may lose his starting job after training camp.

“Would Jones like it? No, of course not,” Henry McKenna from FOX Sports wrote. “But — thinking like [Bill] Belichick here — Jones doesn’t really have any power to do anything about it.”

“If he’s sensational under new OC [Bill] O’Brien, the Patriots would have the tough decision of which QB to trade: Jones or Hooker. But if Jones flops, then at least the team has a plan in place to get another young quarterback developed in time to potentially replace him.”