Lakers’ Anthony Davis Addresses His Poor Game 2 vs. Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers looked good in Game 1, but suffered a big loss last night. The Golden State Warriors got the best of the game and celebrated a 127-100 win. Anthony Davis didn’t deliver his usual aggressive performance in Game 2, scoring just 11 points in 33 minutes of action. The Lakers big man had four turnovers, too. It wasn’t the usual AD performance and analysts weren’t surprised by the outcome.

“I took all the same shots I took in Game 1,” Davis said. “Just missed ’em. Elbow jumpers. Pocket passes to the floater. Same exact looks. (I) didn’t shoot no shot that I didn’t shoot in Game 1. Just missed ’em. That’s all. Like Bron said, they made adjustments. Shot the ball extremely well from 3. So, we’ll be better. I’ll be better (at) making those shots. Get back home on our home floor and try to take care of business.”

Anthony Davis will make some changes after the Game 2 disaster

The Warriors lost Game 1 and obviously, made some changes. Draymond Green was in charge of AD and JaMychal Green joined the starting lineup. It seems like the Lakers will have to make some adjustments, too. These changes will probably target Davis and his role on the floor. Maybe they will move him around a little.

“We gotta go back and look at ways we can move ‘A’ around,” Lakers head coach Darvin Ham said. “Put him in different spacing, different actions and just try to diversify his attack.”

Inconsistency seems to be a big problem for the purple and gold. Davis was great in Game 1, but his subpar performance in Game 2 is turning heads for the wrong reasons. The same happened in the series against the Memphis Grizzlies. He was up and down the whole time. The Lakers won the series, but the Warriors are stronger opponents. It won’t be easy for AD, LeBron James, and the rest of the guys on Ham’s roster. Let’s see what happens in Game 3. The Lakers will have to try harder this time.