Lakers Star Anthony Davis Put On Notice After ‘Garbage’ Performance Vs Warriors

Anthony Davis was brilliant in Game 1 of the series against the Golden State Warriors, but delivered “garbage” performance in the second game. AD has been up and down in the playoffs and experts shredded him to bits following the blowout loss.

Stephen A. Smith from ESPN was among the first to criticize the Lakers star.

“Anthony Davis was straight garbage last night,” Smith said on May 5th’s episode of First Take. “Let’s just call it what it is. Straight garbage. I mean, he was so bad that sanitation workers might not wanna go near him and that’s their job to take out garbage. That’s how bad he was.”

Davis motivated by his ‘garbage’ performance

In 33 minutes of action, Davis scored 11 points and four turnovers. It was one of his worst games so far. AD had the ball, but missed many shots. Steve Kerr used Draymond Green on AD and yes, his plan worked. The Warriors knew how to slow him down.

Green has been around for a while and played just 14 minutes each game. However, he was lethal in Game 2. Green did admit that Davis is a great player and future Hall of Famer. The Warriors veteran wanted to “make it tough on him” and it worked.

AD had a bad game, but promised to play better on May 6. His team has to win this one and gain big advantage over the Golden State.

“I took all the same shots I took in Game 1,” Davis said. “Just missed ’em. Elbow jumpers. Pocket passes to the floater. Same exact looks. (I) didn’t shoot no shot that I didn’t shoot in Game 1. Just missed ’em. That’s all. Like Bron said, they made adjustments. Shot the ball extremely well from 3. So, we’ll be better. I’ll be better (at) making those shots. Get back home on our home floor and try to take care of business.”

Lakers fans trust the big man and he better not disappoint them. Let’s see what happens in Game 3. Stephen Curry, Green and the rest of the guys on Kerr’s roster accepted the challenge and won’t give up without a fight.