Proposed Blockbuster Trade Gives Lakers A New $210 Million Superstar

The Los Angeles Lakers missed the chance to win a title this season and the front office will probably try to trade for a superstar. The Lakers have been linked to several players, such as Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul. It seems like the Lakers can easily connect with another superstar.

Bill Simmons from The Ringer says that the Lakers should pay special attention to Joel Embiid. Of course, the talented player has to force his way out of his current team first.

Lakers could easily trade for the superstar

According to Simmons, the Lakers should trade Davis for Embiid. It won’t be easy though. Philadelphia will probably ask for more. Embiid could ease his way out and demand a trade.

“I just don’t see how they get somebody good without Davis being involved. The other guy I think is still a possibility is Embiid,” Simmons said on a May 24 episode of his podcast. “…I think if Embiid’s going to leave Philly, I think it would be for a situation like the Lakers. Like, if we did a fantasy draft now of stories that are going to pop up over the next four weeks, I’d be like, ‘Hmm, that one’s weird.’

“I would have the Joel Embiid, he doesn’t want to get traded but if he ever did…That one would be a first rounder [in the fantasy draft of offseason storylines] for me. And I don’t know if that’s enough, they have nothing else to throw in from the Davis side, the Lakers, because they basically traded everything [at the 2023 trade deadline]. My guess is everybody comes back and they operate around the fringes and then try to figure out the Kyrie [Irving] piece of this.”

Trading AD won’t be easy

The Lakers can use two first-round picks on draft night. Bobby Marks from ESPN explained that the Lakers can trade the 2023 first-round pick on draft night and the 2029 first-rounder if they want to trade Davis.

Truth is, Davis is prone to injuries. He missed 26 games due to injuries and fans are worried about his performance next season. Yes, his game is impeccable and he was dominant in the postseason but the Lakers lost many games in his absence.

The Lakers big man has two seasons left on the five-year deal he signed. There’s another catch. Will the Lakers trade a Klutch Sports client?

“Davis is eligible to sign a three-year, $167.5 million max extension starting on Aug. 4,” Marks detailed on May 22. “Davis averaged 25 points, 13.2 rebounds, 2.2 blocks and 55% shooting from the field from Feb. 11 through the end of the regular season. Davis has an early termination option in 2023-24 and could be an unrestricted free agent next offseason.”