Patriots’ Malik Cunningham Shares Where He Wants to Play

Malik Cunningham is having the time of his life in New England and experts praise his determination to play and win. He seems to enjoy the role he was given and things look really good for him. He will gladly embrace whatever role Bill Belichick has for him.

“I’m a football player. Whatever they need me to do, I’m going to do it,” Cunningham told the media after the 23-7 preseason loss to the Tennessee Titans on Friday, August 25.

Cunningham is a versatile player and he can play both quarterback and wide receiver. Belichick respects versatile players and Cunningham earned his trust in the postseason. Scouts compare him to Lamar Jackson and yes, everyone has high expectations from him. The undrafted free agent threw for 9,664 yards and 70 touchdowns to go with 3,182 yards rushing for 50 touchdowns at college, beating Jackson’s TD record at Louisville.

“The biggest surprise [for me] … college and the NFL are just so much more different,” Cunningham said. “I would say from the weight room perspective, definitely different. A lot more meetings in the league, spending more time at the stadium to get your body right.

“I got into a routine in college. When you’re the best athlete on the field in college, not much you can really do, but in the league, everybody around you is definitely good. It was good finally to get in a routine and learn from some of those older guys.”

Malik Cunningham surprised opponents with his strong play

Cunningham played quarterback in minicamp and returned to his position in training camp. In his preseason debut with the Patriots, the versatile player had 3-4 passing for 19 yards and five carries for 34 yards rushing and a score. Coaches didn’t put him at quarterback in the preseason game against the Green Bay Packers and it was a bad decision.

“First of all, I just want to give thanks to God and my teammates for pushing me ∞ even family back home just staying in my ear and just keeping me motivated,” Cunningham said.

“But I feel like I did good over those three games. A lot to learn from. A lot to take on the chin. Lot of things I did good. A lot more things to work on as a quarterback/receiver — wherever they put me at.

“It’s a blessing just to be here. I just want to thank God again for all the glory and blessing me with these abilities, and we’ll see where things go from here.”

Cunningham will have to compete for a roster spot in 2023 as both Demario Douglas and Kayshon Boutte will try to get their own spot.