Rockets ‘Villain’ Doubles Down On Lakers LeBron James Hot Take

LeBron James gathered an army of fans over the years, but he also challenged many former and current NBA players. Houston Rockets swingman Dillon Brooks decided to be the villain in this story and seems to enjoy trashing LeBron.

First, Brooks said LeBron was old, adding that he’d never respect someone who does not score over 40 points against him.

“I think that’s why they … created this villain role,” Brooks said on August 24. “I play aggressive, I play physical, and then I do a little trash talking as well.”

He really loves doing this, right? Brooks seems a little too confident about this whole situation. LeBron is the greatest basketball player of all time. He is the king of basketball and has cemented himself on the throne. Why would Brooks go against him?

“I feel like I always had [James],”  Brooks said. “I feel like that series was thrown upon me because of the words that I say. But I’ve been saying things all year and we won 50 games.”

Rockets villain challenged LeBron

Brooks guarded the Lakers superstar for 34 minutes in six games this postseason. LeBron delivered 21 points, hitting the fourth-highest mark of the postseason.

“Maybe sometimes I gotta watch what I say,” Brooks said. “I gotta use it strategically.”

LeBron heard the comments Brooks made and he didn’t really pay attention to it. He didn’t trash Brooks, but scored 25 points in Game 3 of the series, delivering another 20 points in Game 4. Grizzlies had zero chances against the Lakers.

There’s more. Brooks was eliminated from Game 3 after hitting LeBron below the belt.

Fun fact? Brooks is trying to follow Kobe Bryant’s blueprint. Did he just compare himself to the Black Mamba?

“I think it’s just a persona,” Brooks said. “When I get on the court, I just go into that persona. It’s kind of like what Kobe did in going through his hardships, with creating the Black Mamba. “Just trying to kind of distract yourself away from all the noise, and just putting it all into the game itself or into a persona.”