LeBron James Seems To Cheer On A New Favorite College Football Player

LeBron James almost ended up becoming professional football player, meaning he follows the game of every college football team out there. He does have a favorite though.

The four-time NBA champion watched the Ohio State game against Western Kentucky on Saturday. It was a big game and LeBron is now a fan of one particular Ohio State player.

A real powerhouse

Wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. had a really great performance during the game and caught the eye of the best basketball player of all time. The Buckeyes beat the Hilltoppers with a great result and Harrison Jr. had a big role in the win. He finished the game with five receptions for 125 yards and a score. The Buckeyes now have a 3-0 record and players are getting ready for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame next Saturday.

Harrison is one of the better receivers in the country. He delivered 14 receptions for 304 yards and three scores so far. He is the son of Hall of Fame NFL receiver Marvin Harrison, the favorite pass catcher of Peyton Manning. Harrison retired after spending his entire career with the Indianapolis colts and delivering 14,580 receiving yards in his career.

Harrison Jr. could easily become a NFL star. NFL experts have a few good reasons to believe that he will be a future first-round draft pick. He has the right straight-line speed and sharp route-running. Yes, the kid got some good football genes.

LeBron almost played football in college

LeBron is an Ohio native and the Buckeyes have his full support. He would definitely attend Ohio State had he not skipped college to join the NBA. LeBron is still a huge fan of the powerhouse team. He had some time off and used a big chunk of it to watch his favorite team play.

It’s no secret that LeBron considered joining the NFL during the delayed start of the 2011-12 NBA season. He could be an ideal tight end due to his frame and defenders would stood no chance against him.