Patriots Tight End Doesn’t Hold Back His Thoughts On QB Mac Jones

The New England Patriots were more than happy to get Mac Jones  a couple of years ago, but they do lack a star tight end. Rob Gronkowski retired and came out of his retirement to join the Tampa Buccaneers. Was he trying to escape the Patriot Way? Gronk’s departure left a big void on the roster and the Patriots struggled to replace him. Yes, Gronk made a big splash on the football field. He was a dominant force on the field and many young talents view him as a role mode. Gronk helped the Patriots win three titles and also won another ring with the Buccaneers. He wanted to join forces with a familiar name and Jones could be the right partner for him.

Hunter Henry has a chance to play with his new teammates in Week 1. He decided share his thoughts on Mac Jones and his role on the team. Jones had a chance to shine in his first seasons with the team, but failed to perform at a high level in his second season in the NFL.

Jones could use a star tight end

One things stands for sure. Jones worked well for any player out there and he is a really competitive guy.

“I’ll just say this about Mac, man: I’ll go to battle with No. 10 any day of the week. I love competing with that guy every single day, and I’ll go to war with him wherever it is, man – conditions cold, rainy, beautiful day, a hot day, whatever it is. The dude’s a competitor, and it’s fun to go out there and play with a guy like that.”

The Patriots will face big challenge next season and Jones’ role with the team will probably be the most challenging aspect of the game. He is a talented player, but the Patriots may need a stronger player to take the lead. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming season. There is no room for mistakes.