Jonathan Kraft Was Angry About This Patriots Play Vs. Colts

The New England Patriots suffered a terrible blow to the Indianapolis Colts in Germany. Head coach Bill Belichick wasn’t happy about the loss and neither were his players. The Kraft family wasn’t happy either and Jonathan couldn’t even hide his frustration following the most recent Patriots loss.

The Patriots have a 2-8 record at this point of the season and things don’t seem to be heading into the right direction in the near future. Belichick is in the hot seat again and so is quarterback Mac Jones. Several Patriots players are expected to leave the team this offseason. Analysts claim that Belichick may be sent to another team after the season.

Jonathan Kraft expected more from the Patriots

Jonathan’s frustration is a clear reflection of the disappointing season. Former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich discussed his reaction to one particular play. Let’s just say we understand him completely.

“Jonathan gets very vocal, very vocal. He was just not happy,” Ninkovich said on the latest episode of “The Dan and Ninko Show.” “So, he was very mad two times. He was very mad. They didn’t have a returner on one of the punt rushes. They were trying to block the punt. So, he was pissed. He was like, ‘Why the (expletive) don’t we have a returner back there? This is stupid. The ball’s going to get pinned down there and we’re going to be on the 1-yard line.’ He was so pissed. He was so pissed. Mr. (Robert) Kraft is pretty even-keeled, though.”

Kraft’s frustration doesn’t end here. According to Ninkovich, Kraft was really angry after Jones’ late-game interception. Yes, Coach B benched him after the interception. Jonathan just said, “We’re bad.” It was the same comment he made during the loss to the Washington Commanders.

New England has to make a change to improve the roster and get rid of underperforming members of the organization. This includes players and coaches. Who will be the first to go? Jones? Belichick? We have a feeling that Robert Kraft won’t let the legendary coach go away that easily.