Kevin Love Explains Why LeBron James Left Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers don’t have much left after LeBron James left the team. Kevin Love is their only hope, and this time the star decided to open up about LeBron’s departure.

Kevin Love will carry the burden of the game after Kyrie Irving and LeBron James left. So, he wasn’t really surprised by this, and maybe he’s actually right about his remarks.

Although the Cavs have enough power to score this season, Kevin could’ve use the hope of another star.

“I think he’s always looking for a different challenge. He’s always wondering what’s next and it feels like sometimes he’s playing chess and everybody else is playing checkers. He’s very very mentally strong, knows the game of basketball so well and sometimes, there’s things that he sees that other people don’t. So I think making it to four straight Finals, him helping the most in us winning a championship in 2016… I think he might’ve been looking for something different. A change and the next chapter for him and here we are,” Love said of LeBron’s leaving.


So, King James didn’t leave as a result of management disagreements or any sort of mistake. It’s sad to see the only star struggling to keep the game alive.

But, the Cavaliers aren’t angry at LeBron. He helped them win a championship, and that’s what matters now. They have been trying really hard to rebuild the roster. Maybe next season they will sign in another star.

LeBron will play with the Lakers in the next four years. He will have his first encounter with his former teammates in November. It would be exciting to see them together. In different uniforms.

King James made a nice move, and his career will sure go upwards. How will things develop for the Cleveland Cavaliers? Let’s wait and see…

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