Lakers’ LeBron James Went Full Stephen A. Smith After Smoking Layup Vs. Rockets

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had an easy win over the Houston Rockets. Yes, it was close, but Lakers players didn’t try extra hard to beat their opponent. LeBron had extra fun in the win over the Rockets and fans are still talking about the gesture he made in the second quarter of the game.

Well, we all know a few people who got triggered by it and Stephen A. Smith is one of them. He had something to say after LeBron made this gesture. So, was it a big deal? LeBron made something that looked like he was “passing the blunt” to Lakers big man Christian Wood.

“Don’t even make me say it,” Smith said in reference to a popular saying.

“Stay off the w*ed!” LeBron replied.

Rockets players couldn’t handle LeBron

LeBron would steal the spotlight every time he makes a move. He may be 38, but his game hasn’t changed over the year. This makes him the best player to ever hit the basketball court. Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson tried really hard to bring him to LA a few seasons ago. LeBron is a superstar and he is unique in his own way.

LeBron’s stats are crazy as usual. He plans to play with Bronny and Bryce one day and yes, this is a pretty realistic scenario. LeBron has many great seasons left in the tank. Opponents may not like this, because they will have to play against him multiple times each season. Playing against LeBron is never easy as his basketball intelligence is crazy. It helps him predict each move players make and “destroy” their plan.

The Lakers lost a few games early in the NBA season, but hey, we have a good feeling that this will be one of the better seasons they have had in the last decade. LeBron, AD, Austin Reaves, and the rest of the guys will make it happen. It will be a big season for the purple and gold, and hopefully, it will end with a title.