QB Cam Newton Says Bill Belichick Is Panthers’ ‘Win-Win-Win’ Solution Amid Frank Reich Firing

The New England Patriots have a 2-9 record at this points of the regular season. Head coach Bill Belichick is criticized for the current situation in New England and we have people saying that the legendary head coach is on his way out of New England. Former Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is one of them and he believes that Belichick would be a great option for the Carolina Panthers.

Newton had a chance to work with Belichick as he was given an opportunity to start games for the Patriots. It didn’t work and the Patriots let him go. However, Newton has great respect for Belichick and claims that his former coach could help the Panthers solve all their issues.

Newton would love to see Belichick coaching the Panthers

The Panthers fired their head coach after 11 games. Frank Reich is no longer a head coach for the team and the Panthers cut ties with him after losing the game to the Tennessee Titans. They have a 1-10 record at this point and the management is trying to make a big change.

 “Knowing what I do know, he’s hoping that he can land Bill Belichick,” Newton told Dan Katz from Barstool Sports. “That, right there, would be a win-win-win-win for David Tepper.”

Patriot team owner Robert Kraft has not said anything about firing Belichick. However, rumors get louder every day. Newton sure adds fuel to the fire.

“Tepper would give him everything that he would need,” Newton claims.

It’s not like Belichick has to prove anything. He is the best to coach a NFL team. Any team would want him and the Panthers are no exception.

Belichick would really appreciate the comments Newton made, but we don’t really think that he will ever leave New England. Newton didn’t become the Patriots franchise quarterback despite his great skills. Belichick has nothing but positive thoughts for him and respects his hard work.

The Belichick saga won’t end here and we have a good reason to believe that rumors will keep spreading like wildfire.