Legendary Bill Belichick Makes Decision On His Coaching Future

The New England Patriots let Bill Belichick go after the end of the disappointing 2023 season. New England hit the rock bottom early in the season and the team was eliminated from the playoff race sooner than expected. Many believed that Belichick and his players would find a way to secure a spot in the playoffs, but it didn’t happen. Players struggled to make an impact on the football field and many place the blame on Belichick. Is he really responsible for the situation in New England?

We will have the answer to this question sooner or later. Belichick set up a strong foundation in New England and helped the team make the Super Bowl nine times. His team won six rings and Belichick has earned his spot in the Hall of Fame. He is the best head coach in NFL history and needs a few more wins to pass Don Shula for most wins.

The Patriots didn’t give him this chance and maybe Belichick didn’t even want a chance with the team. He may need a change in scenery. The Atlanta Falcons won’t give him one. Belichick won’t be heading to Atlanta now. He has been linked to several other teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs.

Belichick has great plans for his coaching future

One thing stands for sure. Belichick is not giving up on coaching. Everything points to the fact that he won’t get a coaching job this season. Will he try to get one in 2025? CBS Sports made a prediction on this. According to Jonathan Jones, Belichick will grab a new coaching job in 2025.

“Sources tell CBS Sports not to count the GOAT out for 2025,” Jones wrote. “There remains a desire for Belichick to return to the sidelines … he just has to do it on his terms.”

Belichick may take his time off to get ready for another battle. Maybe he will call it career and get a much deserved rest.