This Sponsor Reportedly Dropped Patriots Mac Jones Amid Rough Season

Mac Jones had a lot going on in 2023. He struggled to make an impact on the football field and was benched in favor of his backup quarterbacks. According to recent sources, Jones lost a major sponsor in 2023 and many believe that this has something to do with his performance in the regular season.

Mike Kadlick from WEEI reported that Boston-based sportswear company NoBull put an end to its partnership with the struggling player.

“According to a source, NOBULL dropped their partnership with Mac Jones this past season,” Kadlick wrote.

Fun fact? The whole sponsorship thing happened at the same time former Patriots Tom Brady announced that TB12 Sports and Brady Brand will merge with NoBull. This is a really awkward situation for Jones and the Patriots. Let’s not jump into conclusions right away, shall we?

NoBull has already confirmed their collaboration with Brady. TB12 appears as a section of the website and fans can also see photos of the GOAT wearing NoBull attire.

Brady himself made the announcement on social media. He promised to help people “become the best version of themselves.” That’s a good promise and we all know that Brady is all about promoting growth. He is all about success and pushing the limits!

Jones may lose more than a sponsor

Jones has to deal with more than one problem right now. His sponsorship with NoBull is not the only concern right now. The Patriots won’t pick up his fifth-year option and we all know what that means.

Sources claim that the Patriots have not shut the door for Jones’ return. He may still make his way to the field as a Patriots quarterback. Jerod Mayo’s new role as a Patriots head coach could make a huge impact in Jones’ future with the Patriots. Let’s see how things go for Jones and the Patriots nation. Losing him won’t come as a surprise to Patriots fans at this point.