Lakers’ Anthony Davis Sends Angry Message To Haters Of 2020 Bubble Championship

Some NBA fans are not too happy with the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 “bubble” championship and Anthony Davis decided to teach them a lesson. He was just honest about the championship win and yes, we definitely agree with him on this one.

Playing inside the bubble was really difficult for every NBA player. They had to be away from their families and follow strict NBA guidelines. LA won a title in the middle of the pandemic and nothing can beat that. We all know that haters can’t cope with LeBron’s dominance on the floor. Seeing him win a title was like a nightmare for them all.

Davis and his Lakers teammates were brilliant inside the bubble

The Lakers big man heard each and every comment haters made. Well, he told the world that the Lakers would have won the title anyway. They looked good in the season. Teams didn’t have the advantage of playing at a home court.

“People talk about ‘aw the Lakers championship. Oh, it wasn’t real, the bubble’… We were running through the league. We were gonna win anyway,” AD said on The Backyard Podcast.

The Lakers were a dominant force back then. They finished their season with a 52-19 record. The NBA suspended the season due to COVID-19, but it was more than enough for everyone to understand that LeBron and his team are the best in the West. The Milwaukee Bucks had a 56-17 record and Toronto had a 52-19 record. So, yes, LA players were winners.

If you ask NBA players, they’d all say that winning a game inside the bubble was the hardest challenge they ever had to face. Damian Lillard believes that the bubble championship counts.

“I think it counts to me. Why don’t it count? Nobody else won it. Everybody else had the same opportunity to win it, so why didn’t they win it?” Lillard said of the bubble in a September 2023 interview. “The physical part, everybody was fresh. That’s why you see dudes hooping like that, ‘coz there was nothing else [to do]. That will make it harder to win it all,”