LeBron James’ 3-Word Reaction As He Reminisces Lakers’ Bubble Run

2020 was a terrible year for the entire mankind. The world was fighting against an unknown virus and we also lost Kobe Bryant. It was a horrible year, but a ray of light made us feel better. The Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th title. The Lakers and other NBA teams had to finish the season inside a bubble in Orlando. Covid-19 had an awful impact on the entire situation, but players had to find a way to finish their season. LeBron James and other players had an incredible experience inside the bubble and it was definitely a great experience for them all.

The Lakers won their 17th title on October 11, 2020. The franchise celebrated an excellent win and reminded the world of their great victory. They paid tribute to one of the best photos made in that period and yes, LeBron was the star of the show.

“What a time!” LeBron wrote.

Lakers players mourned the death of Kobe, and this gave them even more strength. Players were determined to win and that’s exactly what happened. They beat strong opponents and destroyed the Miami Heat. Playing inside a bubble and away from their families was a really challenging experience for every NBA player. However, LeBron and his teammates got the best of this situation.

LeBron and the Lakers won a title in the bubble despite all difficulties

The Lakers faced Kobe’s death, COVID-19, racial injustice, and many deaths that year and they still found the strength to win a championship. LeBron is proud of himself and everything he accomplished that year. He worked with an excellent team and everyone did their job.

LeBron and his team will have to elevate their game and try to win another title. They almost made the NBA Finals last season. However, the Denver Nuggets destroyed their hopes. A missed opportunity could turn into the biggest hype. The front office made all the necessary changes and Rob Pelinka may do even more changes in the next couple of months. Let’s see if the Lakers find a way to win a title this season.