Robert Kraft Makes Prediction In Statement On Star Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater called it career after winning many games and three Super Bowl titles. It was an expected decision for most fans, but let’s be honest, we all hoped to see him suit up for another season. Patriots team owner Robert Kraft shared his thoughts on Slater and everything he has accomplished over the years all while offering a bold prediction.

Slater embraced his leadership role in the Patriots locker room. He worked really hard for 16 years and became a key figure in the Patriots organization. According to Kraft, Slater has earned his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame candidacy. Kraft may be the biggest supporter in this scenario. He is really proud of Slater and has nothing but respect for him.

“Matthew Slater wasn’t just a special teams player for the Patriots. He was a special team player who helped us win three Super Bowls and made a positive impact on the many lives he touched, both on and off the field,” Kraft wrote. “On the field, his 10 Pro Bowl appearances will likely earn him a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day alongside his father. Off the field, he will be remembered for so much more. He is a role model, not just for young players, but for everyone. He is a man of integrity and high moral character who is led by his faith and committed to his family.”

Kraft and Patriots respect Slater for his great work and dedication

Slater holds a special place in Kraft’s heart. The Patriots owner even said that Slater is the finest person he has ever met. He is grateful for everything Slater and his family did over the years. He was a dedicated player who became a strong leader. Slater helped everyone become their better version. Fans, players, coaches, and Kraft himself will miss him.

“There is no finer person than Matthew Slater. On behalf of the New England Patriots, I want to express our deepest gratitude to Matthew, in partnership with his wife Shahrzad and the entire Slater family, for his remarkable 16-year Patriots career. Matthew’s dedication, leadership and talent have been instrumental to our success, and his impact extends far beyond the field. His character and commitment to our organization, his teammates and the game of football are unparalleled. We are all better for knowing Matthew Slater, and while we will miss his presence on the field, we look forward to celebrating his many future contributions and accomplishments. We know there will be many.”